What Is It?

I have a few items here that I need help with identifying. If you know the manufacturer, or possibly have an idea who made them, or where, or when, please click here to send me a note.

Looks like a "153" on the bottom

Thanks to the lady who emailed me saying that this was made by Hyalyn and is part of the 'Casual Craft' line.

Thanks go out to "Kelly" for helping me identify this blue vase as follows:

Red Wing Pottery. Produced for George Rumrill circa the late 1930s. The correct number is"183". Glaze was  referred to as "Dutch Blue, White Stipple".

We need some help in identifying these pieces.

Need help with this 3-handled mug

A very helpful ebayer let me know this is from an "unknown Weller line” and is noted in the Weller Rare and Unusual book.

Next item... candle holder

Next item... candle holders

Next item... Good Health mug, 5" tall, flat dry bottom.

Boy on Dolphin:

This is charcoal grey, unmarked, has an almost irridescent effect to the glaze, It does not appear to be what I think of as "Clay"...has a rough textured finish.

7 l/2" tall and unmarked.  Open bottom, glazed on inside, hole in top of head....fountain?


Deer Pitcher