McCoy Marks

Some McCoy marks from the early 1900's.


Old stoneware marks - 1920's

NM Marks - Late 30's and 40's

McCoy Marks - 1940's through 1960's

Later Marks - 1970's and 1980's

Left: This is the stamp that appears on some McCoy items made that have a gold finish.

Right: Showing the "Made in USA" McCoy mark.

Paper & Foil Labels

Floraline marks used from
1940's through late 1970's

McCoy Limited items were produced by Nelson and Billie McCoy after their departure from the Nelson McCoy Pottery Co.

Items marked N/B are limited items that Nelson and Billie have produced during the past few years…marked N for Nelson and B for Billie.

McCoy sheilds -

1940 to present

1940 to 1945

1940 to 1943

Late 1940's

Later trademark

1940 to 1950

1940 to 1942

1942 to 1944


Esmond written with a Capital 'E', with small 'smond', was made by McCoy.