Genuine McCoy Vases

Vases have been around since the dawn of time. Certainly one of mankind's earliest inventions.

Used for a multitude of domestic purposes, including the carrying and storage of water, as in the term 'vessel', ornamental decoration, and even for sacrificial uses in ancient history.

And they're great for holding bouquets of flowers!

1950's White Vase
Hard to find!

l930's "Lizzard Ware"
9" Stoneware Vase
1930's Stoneware Sand Jar

1940's McCoy 8" Yellow Vase
Hard to find!
l930's "Lizzard Handle"
9" Stoneware Vase

Grapes Vase
Rare Color
Olympia Vase
J.W. MCCoy era.

Blades of Grass Vase, comes in black,
green and white
Stoneware Vase

This comes in yellow, aqua and
white and occasionally pink
This stoneware vase came in
different sizes and colors

This stoneware vase also came in white

Occasionally with a good mold you can see oriental figures within the design of this vase.
Can also be found in yellow.

This vase has been reproduced, Be Careful!