jar·di·nière - French, from the feminine of jardinier, gardner, from old French, jardin, garden.

1) A large decorative stand or pot for plants or flowers.

2) A person can never have too many McCoy jardinieres.

Vase in Rosewood Line J.W. Mccoy era.
Notice the orange streaks!
Cherokee Vase - 1906
JW McCoy - Rare!
Loy-Nel-Art 4" Jard.
J.W. McCoy
Unglazed, shown in
Pam Coates, Vol.1

McCoy Jardinere and Pedestal shown on this Post Card.

Brush McCoy -
Woodland - Circa 1913
Pink Basketweave
- Circa 1930's
Pattern Unknown
- circa 1930's

Made in 1924, Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company, Rare
Blended Glaze
Rings Pattern
- Circa 1920's
Brown Onyx Berries &
Leaves - Tall Set
- Circa 1930's

Brown Onyx Sand Butterfly
- circa 1930's
Brown Onyx Holly Motif
- Circa 1930's
Mismatched Set - Tall
Basketweave Pedestal -
Ivy Jardinere - 40's

Brown Onyx Morning
Glory Pattern - 30's
Mismatched set, same
pattern- no name
Circa '20's
Matte Green Sand
Butterfly Set - Circa 1930's

Mismatched set
Carnelian - Circa 1903
Aqua quilted jardiniere
& Pedestal set
White quilted jardiniere
& Pedestal set

White Tall Basketweave Jardinere & Pedestal Set

Green Holly Set


Keep in mind that companies other than McCoy finished pottery in glazes similar to the Sunburst Gold/Gold Brocade.

The McCoy items will normally bear the McCoy mark but also have a circle with "24 kt. gold" within the circle. Items marked 'weeping gold' are not McCoy.