Genuine McCoy Cookie Jars

Cork top cookie jar

Sweet notes

Hot air balloon

Picnic basket

Love birds or Kissing Penguins

Two McCoy Stage Coachs

Puppies, Lamb and Kitten on Cylinder

Rare soccer ball cookie jar

I've always believed that a person can never have too many McCoy cookie jars...

... especially when they come in so many different characters, and colors!

Check bottom of page for new photos showing some of my collection of McCoy cookie jars.

"Freddie, The Gleep", 1974
Watch for Reproductions!
"Christmas Tree"
"Winking Pig"
"Coalby Cat"
"Clyde Dog"

1950's "2 Kittens In A Basket"
Quaker Oats *
* Quaker Oats cookie jar: Regal China among others made this jar. Note the finial on the lid to recognize the McCoy Jar. 1970.

"Rocking Hobby Horse" - 1948
Also came in white glaze w/cold paint, beware of reproductions!

Serated Leaf Apple
Date unknown
Harley Davidson Pig
(not shown on a catalog page) This style only, not the black one.
Uncle Sam's
Hat Cookie jar -
Rare - 1973

Tee-Pee Cookie Jars

Cookie Boys Cookie Jars
Elephants in different colors & styles *
* Elephants: Two different style cookie jars. On one, the entire head is the lid and the other is a 'split trunk', meaning part of the trunk is on the lid and part is on the bottom. The yellow is a very rare color for the Elephant. Split Trunk 1943 and whole trunk 1953.

Astronants (1963), Apollo Space Ship (70's), Friendship 7 module (1962) - Friendship is easiest to find, Astronants and Apollo are rare.
The boy on a football c.j.(1978), Boy on a baseball (1978) and the Soccer Ball. The Soccer Ball is extremely rare. (1978) and was not mass produced.

Betsy Baker with 2 different
style hats/lids, 1975
Leprechauns: Very Rare Jars, rumored to be only l00 Made. The Salesmen had no luck with samples so the jars were not mass produced.

Tan Kangaroo - 1965, Blue - Later
"Stage Coach" Date unknown

Tulip Motif Cookie jars,
Red and Yellow-Rare. 1958
Flower Pot with Plastic Leaves
"Woodsy Owl"

Note the difference on the lid of these two jars.  There is an inverted V section in the middle of the lid that lifts off. 

It's very hard to locate this jar/lid.


To check the structural integrity of a large piece of McCoy, I place it upside down over my hand and with my other hand, I tap it lightly with two fingers. If there are no cracks in the pottery, it will ring 'clear' and almost melodic with a continued ringing....

If there is even a hairline crack, you will get a 'thump'. For a smaller piece of pottery you can simply hold it in the palm of your hand, tapping it with a pencil or your finger for the same effect.

I am proud to show some of my cookie jar shelves: