Genuine McCoy Banks

National Bank of Dayton
St. Bernard Bank / Dresser Caddy
Mmade for Swank 6" tall

Two Kittens Bank
Another version - Two Kittens Bank
6" tall and marked USA
with Mt. Clemens coffee pot
(Looks like chalkware)

The Brooklyn Bank - 3" tall
Covered Bridge Bank
(6" tall - unmarked)

Seaman's Savings Bank 5-1/2" tall
Williamsburg Savings Bank
W/Pen Holder 7" tall

Dry Dock Savings Bank 5" tall

Schlitz Bank - 7-1/2" tall
Woodsy Owl Bank - 8" tall

Beer Bank
My Beer Bank 6-1/4" tall

Dollar Federal Bank - 7-1/2" tall

First Federal S & L of Puerto
Rico Bank
5 1/2" tall

Keebler Elf Bank
9-1/2" tall - unmarked
The Howard
Savings Institution
John Howard Bank
8-3/4" tall
Large Piggy Bank

Left: Western Savings
Bank 7-1/2" tall.

This piece has been found
with other bank names

Owl Bank
Large Smiley Bank 6" tall

Bowery Savings Bank 3" tall
Small black Piggy Bank

McCoy Clown Bank