McCoy Limited

McCoy Limited

McCoy Limited candle

McCoy Limited candle holder

McCoy Limited

McCoy Limited Pumpkin Jack o Lanterns

"Lindsey" Christmas plate and cup for Santa

Standing McCoy Limited Santa

McCoy Limited proto type, not produced Cookie Jar

McCoy Limited Terra Cotta santa and Mrs Santa

McCoy Limited ghost

Mccoy Limited Santa

McCoy Limited terra cotta Santa wall plaque

McCoy Limited wreath

McCoy Limited Tall Cat - Christmas Bow

Unproduced McCoy limited plaque

McCoy Limited didn't include many cookie jars. The catalog sheet shows the Christmas Bell which is  9" tall. This truly was a limited production. 

I've only known of three of these jars although I'm sure there may be a few more. This one is decorated with holiday wreath decals, three around the jar. 

The accompanying Candy jar, also a bell, is 6" tall and has a holiday holly motif. Both of these items are marked "McCoy Ltd". According to Billies note on the smaller bell it was a sample and not produced

The McCoy Limited Santa cookie jar serves a double purpose.

The lid has a slot in it for coins...the bottom has a plastic stopper, so the cookie jar is a bank, too.

To the tip of the hat, the Santa jar is 10 l/2" tall. It is marked McCoy Ltd.

The Snowman shown here is 7 l/2" tall. His hatband and scarf are hand decorated. It does not show a mark. Also included in this photo is the Christmas Duck minus his holiday scarf. It is ll l/2" tall and is marked McCoy Ltd.

Shown here are the "Bells for All Seasons" by McCoy Limited. These are: The Snowman, The Reindeer and Santa Claus. Each are marked by hand with a marker on the inside.

The Snowman has 'brrr", the Reindeer has "Happy" and of course, Santa has "Merry" written inside. The Snowman, M-101, is 6 l/2" x 3 3/4". The Reindeer, M-102 is 7 l/2" x 3 3/4" and Santa, M103 is 6" x 3 3/4".

Pumpkin (Jack-O-Lantern) bell, M-100 and the M-106 Turkey.

The Pumpkin bell is marked (Can you guess?) BOO! and is 6" x 3 l/2". The turkey, M-106, is marked "Gobble!" and is 6 l/2" x 3 l/2".

These two are my favorites!

Here we have the Rabbit Bell , M-104 and the Heart ( Bear) Bell, M-105. The Rabbit measures 6" x 3 3/4" and is marked "Hip Hop" on the underside and the Bear with Heart on it's chest is marked "Love". These are precious!

All of these bells were on a single catalog sheet and were packed individually, l2 assorted to a master carton. The sold for $5.25 each. What a Bargain!

McCoy Limited also featured Santas in "Scarf People", (the one on the left in the photo). The first one in the photo is a decorated version of the Scarf Santa (minus his scarf). The two Santas in the middle are Voltives. Cut-outs in the clay allow for the light to show when set over a candle. The Scarf Santas are 6 l/x"x 3 3/4" and the Voltive Santas are 7 x 4". These items are not marked McCoy Limited or with marks like the bells.

128M Angel ( Caroler) and the 14 M Church. The singing Angel measures 8 x 4 l/4" and is unmarked.

She came with a Scarf, too. The Church, unlike the others in this issue IS marked "McCoy Ltd, USA" on the lower back wall. It is 8 l/2" x 4".

The large snowman is McCoy Ltd standing beside a much smaller McCoy snowman planter.

Below: Pieces from the 'McLights" line of McCoy Limited included this paper (front and back) that was packed in each of the factory boxes. These are the instructions.


There were McDucks, McRoosters, McTulips, etc, in the line.

They have removeable wicks for double use as candleholders or small oil lamps

Another color of the McTulip

Left and Below: Pieces from the McCoy Limited La Red and La Blue lines.

These are also known as the McCoy Limited 'Primary' line.

From the McCoy Limited Wood and White line.

McCoy Limited Carolers

Turkey Salt & Pepper Set

McCoy Limited "Trains" above and "Rabbits" below.

Christmas Tree Cookie Jar

This is the last item to be produced by Nelson and Billie.

Witches Hat Snack Set & Small Witches hat that fits pumpkins

Giants of McCoy, Snowman, Santa (2 pieces) - Pumpkin and Ghost