Hello, I'm Chiquita Prestwood and have been collecting McCoy Pottery for about 30 years. My web site is devoted to the collection, display, and historical significance of McCoy Pottery...

What's New?? Just added three new pages!! A page dedicated to rare McCoy pieces, a page set up to show unproduced items, and a new page exclusively for McCoy Limited pieces.

chiquita prestwood

Here, you'll find several pieces from my personal collection, as well as a few items I have for sale. I am also providing some general McCoy Pottery information that you might find useful.

With over 3,000 pieces of McCoy Pottery in my collection, there are still some particular items I am looking to acquire! Isn't that awful?

Please email me if you have any comments or questions, or if you have any of the pieces I am currently looking for.

I also have a few pieces of non-McCoy pottery that I need some help with identifying. If you can shed some light on the manufacturer, I sure would appreciate it!

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McCoy Pottery entered my life when my grandmother Franklin gave me a few pieces to use for plants. During the 1970's McCoy was acquired easily and cheaply and my collection grew rapidly.

At that time, many dealers looked down on McCoy and saved the prime locations in their booths for Roseville, Weller, etc. So I learned to look under the tables for the McCoy bargains.

Before I knew it, the McCoy bug became an obsession for me. I began spending all my spare time searching for different pieces I could add to the collection.

When my house was full, the collection overflowed into the cellar. When the cellar was full, it spread to my office.

Several times I tried to slow down, or limit myself, just to buy the special items I really liked, or those that completed a line, or those that were an odd color, a peculiar shape, or an unbeatable bargain.

You get the idea. The collection has a mind of its own. To this day, it continues to expand.

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